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Jan 19

Afraid to Walk

AFRAID TO WALK Being afraid to walk is life-changing. The fear might be physical harm from a mugger or traffic, but in my case it was ice. A sudden crash landing is seldom fatal but as one ages the consequences can be very serious. The increasingly common thaws, then flash freezes of an Ottawa winter …

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Sep 29

Beyond Sparks Street

In 1984, Ian Kimmerly opened his stamp store at 90 Sparks Street in Ottawa. With the exception of two years on Catherine Street near the Ottawa Bus Terminal, Ian has always remained on Sparks. But now that the store at 62 Sparks Street has closed, and Ian moves on to a new life in Victoria, …

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Sep 05

Store Closing Update

Greetings! Saturday, September 27th will be the last day we are open to customers. We don’t know how much we’ll have left by then, but drop by anyway if only to say goodbye. Even as we get to the end of our lease at the end of September, we continue to add more collections to …

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Mar 30

Future Plans — 2014 and Beyond

The Retail Store at 62 Sparks Street One thing we know for certain — the building will be completely empty on September 30, 2014. The store that one customer called “the most beautiful stamp shop in the country, if not the world,” will be closing. Our lease ends on that date. Our staff has been …

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